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  1. Swimming lessons take place throughout the year and divided into 3 terms of approximately 15 weeks each.

  2. Jan Celliers students DO NOT swim in winter due to the facility being an outside pool.

  3. The swimming school is closed on Public holidays and Sundays. The swim school will close for one to two consecutive weeks at the end of each term. Please refer to our website for term dates.


  1. All swimmers must be members of Virgin Active. Please contact a sales consultant at the gym directly to enquire about further information.

  2. When using the pools within these facilities all swimmers are obliged to adhere to the Virgin Active rules (set out in their rule book), as well as Aquatribe’s Terms and Conditions.


  1. A fee of R250.00 is payable per annum on joining the swim school or commencement of a new swimming year, namely the First Term. This fee provides you with a swimming cap and goes toward the administrative duties the swim school undertakes throughout the year.


  1. Fees are payable termly, on or before the commencement of the first lesson of the term.

  2. Fees paid for Private Lesson packages MUST be paid before the first lesson commences.

  3. Payments not received after the first week of being due will incur a late payment penalty charge of R100.00 and the swimmer will be issued an email notification of late payment.

  4. Fees are payable even if swimming lessons are missed, this includes personal or religious holidays and any business trips.

  5. Swimming Galas and Clinics - all payments must be paid in advance of the event.


  1. Lessons missed, cancelled or not attended will be forfeited.

  2. Should lessons be missed due to illness, these lessons will not necessarily be able to be made up.

  3. Should the swimming school have to cancel a lesson due to inclement weather, lightening or other – we will endeavour to make said lesson up.

  4. We reserve the right to cancel swimming in the event of a storm accompanied by severe lightning, in the interest of safety.

  5. NO lessons will be made up for inclement weather or other at Jan Celliers School, the discounted rate allows for this contingency.


  1. By accepting these conditions you are affirming that you/ your child is physically fit and able to participate in lessons. It is your obligation to advise Aquatribe Swimming should your / your child’s medical condition change.

  2.  Please do not bring your child to swim class if they are running a fever, have diarrhea, or are otherwise unwell.


Conduct and attire required by swimmers, guardians and parents at the swim school

  1. All children must wear swimming caps (the school sells goggles, caps and towels)

  2. Please note that children should not run, jump or eat around the pool area. Children may NOT enter the pool without the instructor’s permission and should be supervised by their caretaker or parent before and after the swimming session.

  3. Should any swimmer misbehave or disrupt lessons they will be issued with a warning. Should this behaviour continue the student will be asked to leave the class.

  4. Parents/guardians are to please sit at the Kauai seating area at Victory Park Virgin Active.

  5. U/14 supervision of children: Children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by their parent/guardian during swimming lessons and may not leave the premises.


  1. Cancellation: One calendar month notice period in writing emailed to

  2. Please advise via sms/ whats app should you be missing a lesson


Once a lesson has been attended it is accepted that the terms and conditions set out are automatically accepted by the swimmer/parent/guardian.


Should Aquatribe Swimming need to amend our terms and conditions, you shall be notified of these amendments.

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